TLSR-F56 Laser & High Intensity Light Protection


  • Polycarbonite material.
  • Dual use shield that protects against laser pointers & handheld lasers, as well as high intensity lights.
  • Designed to reduce the dazzle effect of red, green, blue, violet and other colors of laser pointers up to a rating of 3R for an exposure time of 1/4 th of a second.
  • Reflects 70% of the laser energy back toward the source.
  • Reduces 95% of high intensity light beams.
  • Designed to allow a small percentage of laser to pass through the shield, enabling the user to identify the source of the laser while not being harmed.
  • Protects against both steady and strobe beam high intensity lights.
  • Attachment system allows for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Shield provides laser protection directly in user’s field of view, while looking below the product allows for clear vision.
  • Allows the user to maintain situational awareness while facing a high intensity light beam.
  • Does not cause internal reflection.